May 28 Horoscope from LA Times

“You are very aware that your emotions are affecting your productivity today as the flighty New Moon buzzes your 1st House of Personality. Your feelings shift with the breeze, making it nearly impossible to settle into your work. Your moods may continue to fluctuate, challenging you to maintain a calm demeanor. Minimize your frustration and avoid being overwhelmed by only taking on what you know you can finish. Limiting your goals now makes room for spiritual growth.”


May 27 Horoscope from LA Times

“We may feel bent out of shape, so we’re willing to accept the relief offered by today’s placid Taurus Moon. Although the energy seems to be settling down now, this isn’t a great time to kick back and relax. Sensual Venus joins the karmic South Node of the Moon, creating a false sense of security about the romantic notion of going with the flow. However, it’s smarter to give a project an additional nudge forward than to coast through the day”